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The “All Terrain”

The “All Terrain” treadmill workout is a butt kicker but man can it get your heart rate going and help build that endurance! The duration of this workout is 21 minutes long so keep your towel and water bottle close by because you’re going to need it.

You will begin by getting on the treadmill  (duh!)

This is an example of my treadmill screen (I hope you have similar ones if not contact me)

okay work with me here, this is a terrible picture! if your looking at the center of this picture and see the  ”quick start” button move your eyes up to those three black looking buttons….once there look to the second white button to the right and it supposed to say ” Terrain” and has pictures of hit that button several times until you get to where it says in green writing no the screen “all terrain” then you hit “enter” (which is that center black button in the middle). It will ask you to input age and weight but you don’t have to if you dont want to…to skip it just hit “enter” again and once you get to the screen where it ask max incline you will hit number 15-21. Those numbers are located right under those three black buttons.

Once you put in the max incline then it will ask for the duration (time) of the workout and you will input 21 minutes by using the plus and minus buttons right by the “enter” button.

Once that’s done you’re now ready to start the workout. Hit “quick start” button and then use the + or – buttons next to the “quick start button” to adjust your pace or speed of your workout.

phew! I hope that was clear enough. Good luck and let me know if you need help or have any questions.

Please keep in mind when your up in the incline WALK don’t RUN it! Only run when your incline is back to 0. Let me know how much distance you covered in 21 minutes!

Trader Joes top snack Picks

If you need a healthy snack here are some of my favorite high protein low fat and low sugar snacks from Trader joes….

Bison jerky or turkey jerky

Plain Greek yogurt low fat with fresh berries

Light string cheese



A great post workout quick protein shake is the can 21g protein shake from trader joes. I like the chocolate better.

I try to stay away from bananas, watermelon and mango because they are naturally higher in sugar.



Are you eating protein?

Remember that a well balanced diet is essential to training. Think of your body like a car; in order for your car to run you need fuel. Your body needs “fuel” to keep going. Eating protein within 30 minutes after a workout will give you the most benefit out of that workout. If you don’t then kiss about 50% of that hard workout goodbye.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Running Schedule Week 6


Monday: run/ walk 30 minutes

Tuesday: walk 30 minutes

Wednesday: run/walk 30 minutes

Thursday: walk 30 minutes

Friday: rest

Saturday: Run/walk 4.5 miles

Sunday: rest or strength train with weights or Just walk

Running Schedule Week 3

Monday: run/walk 30 minutes

Tuesday: walk 30 minutes

Wednesday: Run/walk 30 minutes

Thursday: walk 30 minutes

Friday: rest day or strength train at gym

Saturday: Run/walk 2 miles

Sunday: Rest, strength train, or walk


Always keep in mind if you don’t feel like running do that RockStar treadmill workout which is a good mix of walking and jogging.

Running Schedule Week 2

Monday: Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Tuesday: Walk for 30 minutes

Wednesday: Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Thursday: Walk for 30 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run/Walk 3.5 miles

Sunday: Rest or Walk

**Keep hydrated and go at your own pace. Have fun!

Following Me

As I’m still trying to learn how to upload pictures on this site, I have an instagram that I post pictures of workouts and foods on the fly. It’s an easy way to keep everyone updated and motivated all the time. I post here once a week but I know that it can be challenging to keep up and checking in. With following me on instagram you can be updated on workouts, nutrition and I can also respond to comments in a more timely manner.

Here is my instagram name: ToniJones if you have trouble finding me not to fear if you follow Ani or Matt Taylor you can find me under their followers.