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Trader Joes top snack Picks

If you need a healthy snack here are some of my favorite high protein low fat and low sugar snacks from Trader joes….

Bison jerky or turkey jerky

Plain Greek yogurt low fat with fresh berries

Light string cheese



A great post workout quick protein shake is the can 21g protein shake from trader joes. I like the chocolate better.

I try to stay away from bananas, watermelon and mango because they are naturally higher in sugar.



Are you eating protein?

Remember that a well balanced diet is essential to training. Think of your body like a car; in order for your car to run you need fuel. Your body needs “fuel” to keep going. Eating protein within 30 minutes after a workout will give you the most benefit out of that workout. If you don’t then kiss about 50% of that hard workout goodbye.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Running Schedule Week 6


Monday: run/ walk 30 minutes

Tuesday: walk 30 minutes

Wednesday: run/walk 30 minutes

Thursday: walk 30 minutes

Friday: rest

Saturday: Run/walk 4.5 miles

Sunday: rest or strength train with weights or Just walk