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3rd Annual Run for Ruby

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Running Schedule Week 3

Monday: run/walk 30 minutes

Tuesday: walk 30 minutes

Wednesday: Run/walk 30 minutes

Thursday: walk 30 minutes

Friday: rest day or strength train at gym

Saturday: Run/walk 2 miles

Sunday: Rest, strength train, or walk


Always keep in mind if you don’t feel like running do that RockStar treadmill workout which is a good mix of walking and jogging.

Running Schedule Week 2

Monday: Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Tuesday: Walk for 30 minutes

Wednesday: Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Thursday: Walk for 30 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run/Walk 3.5 miles

Sunday: Rest or Walk

**Keep hydrated and go at your own pace. Have fun!

Following Me

As I’m still trying to learn how to upload pictures on this site, I have an instagram that I post pictures of workouts and foods on the fly. It’s an easy way to keep everyone updated and motivated all the time. I post here once a week but I know that it can be challenging to keep up and checking in. With following me on instagram you can be updated on workouts, nutrition and I can also respond to comments in a more timely manner.

Here is my instagram name: ToniJones if you have trouble finding me not to fear if you follow Ani or Matt Taylor you can find me under their followers.


Running Schedule Week 1

Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you. Did you try that treadmill workout I posted last week? How did it go? Let me know :)

This schedule is designed for those who are just getting started or for those who can’t remember the last time you ran. This is a combination of running, walking and resting to help reduce the risk of injury, fatigue, and stress. Remember we want you all to have fun and enjoy the run, so walk and run at your own pace.

Monday: Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Tuesday: Walk for 30 minutes

Wednesday: Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Thursday: Walk for 30 minutes

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday:Run/Walk for 3 miles

Sunday: Rest Day

Keep in mind that the days that you are resting is also a good time to strength train with some weights to help build lean and tone muscle.Women don’t worry you WILL NOT…I repeat….WILL NOT get bulky or big. In fact using weights will help burn fat in those problem areas and help it tone and tighten up. To get big you have to eat big and that’s for body builder stuff and we aren’t going in that direction.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a good Run!

Treadmill RockStar Workout

Taking extra precaution on your current weather condition is vital to being safe and getting the most out of your workout. If it’s hot, running outside should be done early in the morning or in the evening while it’s still cool out. If you have access to an air conditioned gym here is a great treadmill workout that will build endurance while giving you that high intensity training so that you burn calories throughout the day.

Start off by walking at a low to moderate pace (2.0-4.0) at in incline of 15-21. You will walk this “hill” for a quarter of a mile while trying not to hold on the whole time. So USE those ARMS!:)

After You have completed the uphill walk at 0.25 bring the incline back down to 0 and do a run for another quarter of a mile (5.0-8.0). Once you have reach 0.50 continue back to the walk uphill and repeat this whole thing for 1 to 2 miles.

Good luck and let me know how you did!!! I would love to hear feedback. Last but not least record the time you completed it in for your own record so you can keep track of your progression.

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Toni Jones and I’ve been a personal trainer for 6 years. I’m certified through the National Academy of Sport Medicine and motivating people to live a healthy and active life is a passion of mine. Through the months to come in preparing ourselves for the run, I will be here to help guide everyone in the right direction to training and eating properly in order to achieve a successful run for each and every one of you. With all the holidays around the corner and busy schedules of family and work I know some of us are going to hit road blocks along the way. I will do my very best to keep everyone motivated and on the right track. The workouts and nutrition advice will be basic but before you embark on any of my advice and tips please consult with your doctor to make sure you are cleared to follow this program. I’m very excited about this, so lets get this party started!